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The primary outputs of the CeADAR centre are industry prototypes and demonstrators along with state of the art reviews of data analytics technology, tools, best practice methodologies and processes.

The Centre has an extensive catalogue of technology demonstrators, IP and big data analytics technology reviews, which are all immediately available for evaluation by  members.

The Centre is also the focal point of a thriving data analytics ecosystem delivering seminars, conferences, and members’ networking events throughout the year  Read more

CeADAR Events

CeADAR wins Best Analytics Research Group award at the awards.



New Product Development is now realistic and possible for SME businesses

My projects have a meaningful outcome

We can now bring prototypes to market quickly

CeADAR enables partnering and collaboration with other companies

CeADAR is making sure Ireland is at the table internationally for data analytics

Our relationship with CeADAR strengthens our business in Ireland

CeADAR helps underwrite our margin by putting the science into our intuition

Our projects will deliver business value in the future thanks to CeADAR

We have amazing access to data analytics experts through CeADAR that enable projects with meaningful outcomes

Highly-qualified R&D experts are now available to us – opening up areas we couldn’t get to easily

Demonstrators/researchers understand us so rapid responses

Their people are approachable , agile and responsive so we move our projects forward swiftly

Highly organised and motivated team enable us to punch above our weight

CeADAR have opened up access to University research professionals

I appreciate the fact that they have a strong and impressive membership that I can network with

They’re great at knowledge-sharingand showcasing their products so that I can see the art of the possible for my business

Like-minded people exploring common issues is a great boost to how I feel about my challenges

They put on good events with strong speakers and high attendance

Visualisation & Analytic Interfaces

This theme seeks to assist users in achieving the insights they require through intelligent analytic user interfaces and to encourage inquisitiveness.

Visualisation & Analytic Interfaces

The goal of this subtheme is to create innovative approaches and tools to aid non-analytics specialist users in exploring datasets and performing customer segmentations.  More >

Data Management for Analytics

This theme seeks to address the resource intensive activity around preparing data for analytics (as opposed to operational) purposes.

Data Management for Analytics

The main goal of this project is to develop approaches, methods and tools to improve, simplify and reduce the effort involved in the management of data for analytics purposes. More >

Advanced Analytics

Creating tools & techniques to improve the accuracy of the detection, identification and communication of cause and effect scenarios across data streams.

Advanced Analytics

Some particular areas for consideration are: situations where there are multiple causes; measuring the degree of cause for each effect; determining the correlations that influence cause and effect; explore the impact of time between cause and effect; and, identifying intervening or intermediate factors. More>

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