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CeADAR’s demonstrators have all been developed from proposals from our industry members. Below is brief information on several of CeADAR’s demonstrators. Within each project’s page, you will find a description of the industry need that lead to the project, the technical approach, and some screenshots to show you what the tool looks like. There’s also a brief (2-3 minute) video showcasing how the tool works, and a downloadable 1-page PDF flyer for your use with the information in an easily understandable and transmittable format.

All Demonstrators


Blockchain: An Overview and Comparative Evaluation

Market Need                       One of the most important components of blockchain technology is its ability to transfer monetary value and do so in untrusted environments. Blockchain has garnered much attention recently, primarily as it can be a secure, fault tolerant, highly available, transparent technology which can provide different levels of access to data. These aspects of [...]


Unfamiliar Data Modeller

MARKET NEED ETL (Extract Transform Load) software systems are responsible for the extraction of data from various sources, the cleansing, validation, and reformatting of data, and the insertion of data into a data warehouse. In some cases the source data is unfamiliar to the developer or analyst and has no apparent structure. ETL tools typically [...]


ContentAssess: Automatic Assessment of Article Quality

Market Need                       • In the modern online media landscape, there are often a wide range of articles from different media sources covering the same topic. • For busy web users who wish to obtain a quick view on a topic, it can be difficult to evaluate the best article to read. Technology Solution We have [...]


StreamConverge: Spark Streaming Over Heterogeneous Datasets

Market Need                       • Complex systems often include many different streaming data formats produced by different system outputs, sensors and sub-systems. • Often there is a need to integrate these homogeneous data streams in real-time in an efficient, scalable and fault tolerant way. Technology Solution We have implemented a heterogeneous streaming data integration demonstrator on Apache [...]


ContactFiller: Extracting Structured Entity Profiles from Unstructured Sources

MARKET NEED Information is key in the modern commercial landscape and often we have very little time to do due diligence about a prospective client or business contact before or after a meeting. There is a need for a rapid information extraction system that takes a set of information about a person or business [...]


OntoCore: Semi-Autonomously Created Ontologies based on Linked Open Data

OntoCore has been designed as a tool-kit for the semantic enrichment of unstructured and semi-structured data with relevant concepts and relations extracted from publicly available Linked Open Data (LOD) repositories.


Large-Scale Sentiment Clustering

MARKET NEED There has been enormous growth in the field of sentiment analysis in recent years. CeADAR recently delivered Next-Generation Sentiment, software which provides a sophisticated measure of sentiment and a better understanding of the emotional composition of sentiment. While that solution allows the user to develop a very nuanced understanding of the sentiment expressed [...]


Supply Chain Optimisation

Market Need An inefficient supply chain has a detrimental effect on the profits achieved by any business. Many companies supply inventory to their customers via a consignment agreement, whereby the customer stores the product but is not invoiced by the supplier unless the product is sold or used. Inefficient consignment inventory policies result in the [...]