Intelligent Analytic Interfaces

The goal of this theme is to create innovative approaches and tools to aid non-analytics specialist users in exploring datasets and performing customer segmentations.  The four sub-themes are:

Ease of interaction

Goal: develop smart analytics tools to aid non- expert users in exploring datasets and performing customer segmentations that significantly improve how non-analytics experts can articulate and discover the insights they want.

Beyond the Desktop

Goal: apply / develop ground-breaking ways of interacting with large complex data sets using more natural interfaces to discover new insights.

Changing User behaviour based on Analytics

Goals: investigate how to make analytics outputs more compelling and effective by modelling and incentivising specific user behaviours; investigate the effect of different communication options.

Passive analytics

Goal: develop innovative tools and techniques to deliver results from background analytics processes in the most effective, timely, and targeted way using the most appropriate medium based on what is being communicated.