Date: 24th June at 11AM

Speaker: Dr Bujar Raufi

Title: State of the Art on Personalisation and Human Mental Workload


Data procreation on the Web has changed how users interact with it as an information space. This does not only profoundly change the user experience; it also obstructs the interaction by creating a degree of disorientation resulting in poor user engagement. Such disorientation spikes user’s workload extremes (i.e. overload / underload) while performing a web task. This reduces engagement, which is not tolerated by users resulting in either fatigue or site abandonment. Alleviating user engagement by delivering personalized content and navigation using Human Mental Workload (MWL) within the realm of web, particularly when they are overwhelmed with data is of utmost importance. Although much work has been done to tackle the issue, not many approaches are using the construct of MWL and this is still regarded as an intrinsic and inevitable user feature. Traditional User Modelling tend to represent the user engagement through characteristics su ch as: demographics, user goals and tasks, interests or skills and capabilities. However, little attention is given to factors such as user traits and moods.

This presentation aims to address this issue of user’s engagement on the Web by extending traditional approach of describing user goals, preferences and knowledge known as User Models (UMs) by incorporating MWL construct on the modelling process. These UMs shall be used to deliver relevant, well targeted and goal-oriented content to users on the web, ultimately enhancing the User Experience.

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